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Realistically the majority of the wedding is planned by the bride, but you should realise that the wedding day should be as important to the groom as it is to the bride.

The more input a groom puts into his wedding days shows his bride how important the wedding is to you and it also allows you to put your own personal touch to the day.

Helpful information for the groom


Traditionally the groom makes a speech during the formal part of the ceremony. The speech should be planned well before the wedding to allow time to learn the words and lessen nerves.

Try to incorporate the following into your speech - 
Thank you's - Take the time to thank your parents, your brides parents, guests who have travelled & any people that have helped you both during the planning of the day.
Your Bride - Most Important - Tell your bride how absolutely stunning she looks & how happy you are to be married to her. Remember, the whole day is in result of the love you both have for each other, don't be shy to show it.
Storytime - Try to include a memorable story of you and your brides life together so far. It could be about how you met or how you proposed.



Your outfit may be the only aspect of the wedding that can solely be yours to plan, so take the time to make it perfect.

Try to incorporate your brides & bridesmaids outfits into your attire. Your groomsmens shirts, ties or cravats can be the colour of your bridesmaids dresses and yours can be the same as the brides.

Before you decide on the outfit make sure you try more then one on. The style you picture in your mind may not look as good as something else that may be available.



Take into consideration what the weather will be like on the day. You don't want your groomsmen to be suited up with four different layers of clothing in a hot church or in the sun at a garden wedding when it is 40 degrees.



Make sure that your shoes are polished, your hair is styled and you are wearing appropriate socks. Speaking from experience - your bride doesn't want to see your white ankles in the wedding photos because you decided to wear white ankle socks.



Try to make a sentimental gesture to your bride on the wedding day. Have flowers sent to her while she is getting ready or write her a love letter. The stress will be at highest on the morning of the wedding and a nice gesture can make all the difference.