Your complete guide to wedding stationery

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Help, what Wedding Stationery do I need?

When it comes to Wedding stationery it is not just the wedding invitation you need to think about, but all the other beautiful pieces for your Wedding Day. There is a myriad of possibilities and options so to make it easier, there are some listed below.

There is no right or wrong when it comes to Wedding Stationery, with a bit of creativity and imagination anything is possible.

You may decide to use all or just some of these but at least you will have a greater understanding of what is possible in the world of Wedding Stationery.

Save the Dates:

Save the Dates are generally sent out 6-12 months before the Wedding Day. They state the wedding date, location of the Wedding/Reception and some Brides also include an accommodation list so as their guests can get start organizing a place to stay for the Wedding Day. They are particularly useful if you are planning a destination wedding, your Wedding Day is on a long weekend or you have a large number of your guests travelling from all around the World.

So as they save the date doesn’t get misplaced, pop a magnet on the back so as it can be stuck onto your guests fridge.

Wedding Invitations:

Now, this is something that all brides are familiar with. The Wedding invitation sets the theme for your wedding day and allows guests to formally let you know if they will be able to attend your Wedding. Of course your wedding invitation has your wedding day details, but can also include accommodation details, wishing well/gift registry, mup map to your venue, BBQ breakfast information (if you are having one the next day) and RSVP.

With the digital age there is now 2 types of RSVP’s that are quite popular.

The more traditional one is sending out a separate card with your invitation with places for your guests to tick if they can or cannot attend and their dietary requirements and then post it back to you (sometimes it is quite handy to include a return envelope to make it easy for your guests)

The other option which is quite popular is an email/phone RSVP. Instead of having a separate card the details are listed on the invitation. Some couples create a new email address so as they know all email to that address would be RSVPs .

It is totally up to personally choice which you choose as both have their positives and negatives.

Wedding Website:

You may have heard or seen these and if you have a tech savvy guest list they can be a great way to spread the word about your wedding day.

Generally, the guests would be sent out a save the date with details of the web address. The website then tells them the rest.

A website can give you the opportunity to share your love story and have a more detailed description of different options for your wedding day.  It can also include photos creating a very personal touch. It can still be designed to the theme of your wedding day. 

The accommodation details can link to the accommodation websites, a google map can be posted to help guests find the venue, and you could include a rsvp form to make it easy for people to reply.

After the wedding you could even put some wedding photos up on your site to share with your wedding guests.

If you didn’t want your wedding details shared over the world wide web it is possible to password protect the webpage so only those with a password could access it.


Welcome Sign

Welcome signs are usually sat out the front of the Church or Wedding venue and list your names and wedding date. (It also ensures guests that they are at the right wedding J)

There are many different styles and designs for Welcome signs, so it is best to do some research and get one created that suits your Wedding Day theme.


Order of Service

These are generally handed out as you walk into the church or wedding venue. Traditionally they were designed like a booklet and filled with each detail of the service. It is coming more common now to just have a summarized version of the service, listing the key parts of the service and including details of all the special people in your bridal party. The order of service is also a good opportunity to thank your guests for sharing in your special day.


Seating Chart

This is normally placed at the door of the reception and lists all the guest names and what tables they have been assigned to.  There is many possibilities when it comes to a design of a seating chart so it pays to do some research.


Sign in Booklet

Every day more and more ideas are surfacing for sign in ideas. No longer is it just signing a specially made sign in register booklet. Other ideas could include:

Fingerprint Chart: An image is created on canvas or paper and then each guest leaves their fingerprint on the day to make for a beautiful keepsake.

Polaroid snaps: Leave an album and a camera and let your guests go crazy.

Each guest then takes a photo and puts it into the album with some words of wisdom for the newly wed couple.

Photo Booth: After some fun snaps of your wedding guests? this is a great way for your guests to have fun and for you to get some cool shots for you to keep in memory of your big day.



Menus can be a nice way to style your tables and help in creating your theme. Some venues may provide them but it is best to ask as you may prefer your menu

designed to fit with your wedding day styling. These could be one per person or just one or two per table depending on what you prefer.


Table Numbers

All your guests need to know what table they are sitting at, so a table number is a must. Some couples these days are choosing instead to go for say songs or events instead of table numbers just for something a little bit more memorable.

You could go for a typical standing table number otherwise it can be an opportunity to think a little bit of the square and design something unique.


Bomboniere tags

Depending on your bonbenniere you may need a little tag or sticker to personalize and thanks your guests. This could be a swing tag, a label stuck to a jar or anything of the like. This may be a good opportunity if you are having allocated seats to put the guest names on it also to save you a seperate placecard.



If you are allocating your guests sits at each table then you will need placecards so they know where they are sitting. You may have their name on the front and then a thankyou on the back .


Thank you cards

Your wedding day and honeymoon are over and you are now officially Mr & Mrs.

Now, to thank your wedding guests! Generally this could be a folded card or postcard with a photo of your wedding day and a nice little personalized saying thanking your guests for their lovely gifts and attendance at your wedding. (maybe even put a magnet on it so it can take pride of place on your guests fridge)


It may seem daunting to start with but once you have your theme organized all the other stationery just falls into place.  Wedding Stationery is there to inform but it can also create that ‘wow’ factor with your guests and leave a lasting impression on your wedding day!


Shaela Mauger

Smarti Design & Advertising